Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So, i've recently read a ton about the new pizza palor, mozza. I decided to try it out, because the reviews have been tight. My new guy (lets call him PITCHERS) was done for a little food before we hit the Three Aces.

First of all I have to chime in on the pizza debate on this board.I havent been to Casa Bianca and most of the pizza I eat is Big Mammas & Poppas and Pizza Man (UGH, I KNOW! I'm working on it!). For me, pizza is for when I dont want to go out because i swollen from an all nighter (Word!) So Mozza was the first time I had even been inside a pizza parlor besides Shakeys.

After a long weight, we sat a bar-like area. Pichters did the ordering and I just sat back drooling with anticipation. I was in the mood for sausage and onions and/or pepperoni. Well to my surprise, they didn't have the pepperoni, but they did have sausage and onion! SWEET!

Ordered one of those and Pitchers just wanted a plain cheese, which from this board I learned is Margarita (boy, was Pitchers surprised when he learned it didn't come with lime & Salt! :}

So, the pizza took a little long, but we had some AWESOME bread which I dipped into a pool of oil. YUM! The pizza came out hot as hell, and to my second surprise, it was a little small, more like a personal pan from pizza hut. But boy was it tasty. The crust was really tasty and though I usually like more cheese and sauce, this pizza lacked both! but for some reason, it was really really yummy still! Pitcher's pizza was just as good, but without meat.

Anyways, we also had some wine, which was served in a fancy orange juice bottle. It was good, but I'm a cocktail girl, but it was nice with the hot pizza. No time for dessert as the we had to meat some people at the club...but overall it was reallly yummy.

Hey who needs Meat Lovers?



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