Thursday, November 02, 2006

Saddlein' Up on the Strip

So, Saturday came around and I'm usually geared up for two things. One - Blockbuster DVD & King Taco -or- Two: Hittin' the Strip. I had a rough (UGH) week at work and my supervisor has been riding my butt like a mofo, so I decided that I needed a release. I called up a couple of my Girl's and headed west on Sunset.

We planned on meeting some of the old college crew from LACC at the Saddle Ranch but we was hungry too since I only had a light lunch (Subway)(Thanks Jared). I remember that the Ranch served food, so Why not kill two birds, right?

We got there around 7:30 so the place was just starting to heat up. We got seated fairly quick and sat indoors close to the
Mechanical Bull (more on that later ;) ) Ordered a round of Cosmo(good, but not sweet enough). There were 3 of us and nobody was opposed to getting full, so we started with the infamous Saddle Ranch Monster Platter. OH MY GOD! Monster is the correct word! This thing had the wings, chicken strips, rings, mushrooms and even mini CHEESEBURGERS! For 3 people, we really we're in for it. Needless to say, we controlled ourselves and polished of about 75% of it.

Still hungry, it was time to decide on Dinner. I was in the mood for steak (obviously) and when in Rome....right? Not starving, but a little curbed I ordered the Angus Beef New York, medium well
(bloody meat freaks me out, but I'm learning. I SWEAR!). My girls decided to split a T-Bone (Angus Beef as well). For sides I got the Garlic Mashed and my girls got the fries (as if the Monster Platter wasn't enough fried stuff!)

Without knowing, the server (BTW, quite a cute guy!) brought out some biscuits and cornbread. I tried them, but was trying to control myself cuz I knew a ANGUS was on the way. After about 15 - 20 minutes, the dinner came out sizzlin' hot. But not as hot as that cutie! Damn I wish I had 5 minutes in the back with you Papi!

Let me just say this. OH MY GOD, was this steak good. One of the best I've ever had, and my Uncle cooks steak all the time for the Family BBQ's and he's A STEAK MASTER!. This thing was so good, I didnt even Touch the A1. My Girl's tbone was just as good,
and the fries where cripsy as hell (had to steal a couple fries for luck!)

I finished about half my steak and the girls did quite a number on the tbone. Needless to say, no dessert was required as we were about to get out drink on, hard. Good thing I took the rest of my
steak home in a doggie bag , that was the bomb eats for late night!

The bill was something like 90$ with a round of drinks, so not that bad, especially when you think about the complimentary kamikazee shots we had courtesy of out hottie waiter. Plus, your already at the hot spot with a table secured! We had a great meal and great time. Plus, one of my girls, Karla the CRAZY one, rode
the bull. It was a site to see, but she was a hit, even our cute waiter stopped to watch her! I gotta say if you want to spend some money and actually be FULL . . . look no further than the Saddle Ranch! My left over steak was more than the full plate of pork we got at Normans : <

Not as fancy pants as Lucques but definitely a place a CHOWHOUND place to get your serious grub on! Can't wait to try the other on in Universal and I can get my Raiders gear shopping done!




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