Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Norman Van Akin’s namesake offers a special on Friday nights featuring roasted pig. It is a real deal at $20 considering many of the entrees can double that amount. So last Friday we decided to try it out and I brought the feed bag with me. My boyfriend was away visiting his cousin in Pelican Bay, so I brought the girls with me. First of all, is everyone in West Hollywood a twig or what? I know Downey is a different scene, but come on, even the guys were like a 100 pounds. Second, to me, dining in West Hollywood means you are dressed to go out to the clubs. But Norman’s felt like my sister’s quincenera. Boring! Anyways fast forward to the meal. The service was really stuffy and I think its because we did most of our drinking before the meal and not during. Im sorry but I dont think you should have to pay for beer that costs $8 a glass when you can drink tall cans for a buck a pop. We got the entrees (none of the appetizers looked that appealing) and we were shocked. There were like four slices of pork on the plate! I came to get my grub on ended up getting put on a diet. My best girl suggested that maybe we can get more servings since they were so small. So after we ate, which took like six seconds we asked the waiter for more. They brought out more plates of pork and it was still 4 lame slices of pork! I then asked the waiter why they only give such a small amount and they said thats what they feel was an appropriate portion. I was fuming. We promptly asked for the bill and it was the biggest shock of the night - they charged us double for the entrees! We asked for the manager who said “if you ordered it and ate it then you pay for it” Well two of the girls in my party got up and left right then and there. The manager threatened to call the police if we didnt pay the bill which I chalked to his prejudice and I offered to pay the bill but I wanted to get a couple plates of pork to go since I still was hungry. At first he refused and just wanted us to pay the bill and leave(we were getting a lot of stares in the restaurant) then he put in the order to the kitchen and thankfully didnt charge us, again. Later that night we got home, ready to finish off the pork only to find they gave us scrap end pieces and dinner rolls. I really wanted to like this restaurant but the service really killed it. We ended up finishing the night at Rick’s drive in - at least i know the Spuderito wont fail me!


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