Thursday, November 02, 2006

Lucques Out!

So after all the hype on this website and yelp I finally made it to Lucques last night. We had a reservation at 8pm and were told to wait while our table was set up. Before we could order a drink at the bar we were told our table was ready and were seated in the cute patio setting. I was worried about being cold, since I was
wearing my Isaac Mizrahi tube top ( we were going dancing afterwards at Club Ivar) but the heating lamps made it very cozy. Since we knew it was going to be a long night we decided to just have soft drinks. I had a diet coke and they must've refilled it a dozen times! I haven’t been hooked up that good since High School
when my home girls all worked at The Grinder! My man said, “chica, whatever you want . . . get two!” I thought I was going to wet the chair I was so excited.

Everything looked good but if I wanted to keep my new tube top from popping a button, so I had to chill, just a little at least ;). I had the fall fruit salad to start with Jambon and a pomegranate salsa. This was definitely the bomb, the salsa was wild, not to spicy and the fruit and smoked ham combination was really different but really, really yummy.

My man had the soup since it was a little cold and he loved it. I swear that man could eat pozole for dessert! so the chickpea soup was most def the right choice. He can be hard to please, and he DEFINITELY isn’t as open to eating new foods as I am so the fact that he liked this was a HUGE relief.

For the main meal I ordered the suckling pig GAWD IM SUCH A SUCKER FOR PORK). This was as seriously good. I texted my cousin right then and there about how soft the pork was. and the green chimichurri was off the chain. I remembered that I saw a sign saying no cell phones, so I didnt text her back,but I got kind of a bad vibe so I turned my sidekick off.

What my man got totally surpised me. This man eats meat all day long and he orders the grouper! I guess when he was little his abuelo used to take him fishing and he hadnt had fish in like 10 years. He loved it, totally took him back to his childhood. It made me want to vomit - I guess I just dont like fish, and this was really fishy tasting. I did like the clams it came with(I drink at least one and a half clamatos a day!) but in the end, pork always wins when compared to slimy old fish(DOUBLE UGH). We skipped dessert because it was getting late and we had to get our swerve on at Ivar.

Total plus tip was $120, and without alcohol. I have to say I really had a good time at Lucques but it aint cheap. I guess Ill have to wait till my christmas bonus to eat there gain!(SIGH)or at least till my man craves slimy grouper again <;-}



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