Thursday, November 02, 2006

Die & Burger

I recently experienced Pie N Burger based on some favorable posts on this board. I have to say my expectations were high but i was thoroughly disappointed.

First of all they didn't take reservations which is really annoying considering the fact that it is so popular and I was coming in from Fountain Valley. When I got there with my date our jaws hit the floor - IT WAS A DINER! Now when I think of "best burger in LA" I'm thinking of something a little bit nicer than
Denny's. But I was there for the burger.

The ladies who took my order was straight out of Alice, a little sassy, which I like but a little spacey, which I don't. At one point she asked if we wanted small glasses or big glasses for our wine that we had brought in. Hello? Big glasses? Small glasses? How about some wine glasses. Ridiculous.

Now on to the burger. The bun and patty were good, but three inches thick of lettuce could ruin almost anything. And I don't think you call a burger the "best in town" and not have it cooked to order. The waitress said it was only done one way but that's just too fast foody to me.

All in all it was a relatively inexpensive experience but this kind of fare warrants Fatburger/In N Out prices but, alas, it does not. I'm sure I will here some strong arguments on this board in regards to this review but anything with 1,000 island drenched on it is trying hide something - that the burger can't stand on its own. It was fine food for my three year old niece but not a grown ups appetite.


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