Tuesday, March 06, 2007


So, i've recently read a ton about the new pizza palor, mozza. I decided to try it out, because the reviews have been tight. My new guy (lets call him PITCHERS) was done for a little food before we hit the Three Aces.

First of all I have to chime in on the pizza debate on this board.I havent been to Casa Bianca and most of the pizza I eat is Big Mammas & Poppas and Pizza Man (UGH, I KNOW! I'm working on it!). For me, pizza is for when I dont want to go out because i swollen from an all nighter (Word!) So Mozza was the first time I had even been inside a pizza parlor besides Shakeys.

After a long weight, we sat a bar-like area. Pichters did the ordering and I just sat back drooling with anticipation. I was in the mood for sausage and onions and/or pepperoni. Well to my surprise, they didn't have the pepperoni, but they did have sausage and onion! SWEET!

Ordered one of those and Pitchers just wanted a plain cheese, which from this board I learned is Margarita (boy, was Pitchers surprised when he learned it didn't come with lime & Salt! :}

So, the pizza took a little long, but we had some AWESOME bread which I dipped into a pool of oil. YUM! The pizza came out hot as hell, and to my second surprise, it was a little small, more like a personal pan from pizza hut. But boy was it tasty. The crust was really tasty and though I usually like more cheese and sauce, this pizza lacked both! but for some reason, it was really really yummy still! Pitcher's pizza was just as good, but without meat.

Anyways, we also had some wine, which was served in a fancy orange juice bottle. It was good, but I'm a cocktail girl, but it was nice with the hot pizza. No time for dessert as the we had to meat some people at the club...but overall it was reallly yummy.

Hey who needs Meat Lovers?


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Saddlein' Up on the Strip

So, Saturday came around and I'm usually geared up for two things. One - Blockbuster DVD & King Taco -or- Two: Hittin' the Strip. I had a rough (UGH) week at work and my supervisor has been riding my butt like a mofo, so I decided that I needed a release. I called up a couple of my Girl's and headed west on Sunset.

We planned on meeting some of the old college crew from LACC at the Saddle Ranch but we was hungry too since I only had a light lunch (Subway)(Thanks Jared). I remember that the Ranch served food, so Why not kill two birds, right?

We got there around 7:30 so the place was just starting to heat up. We got seated fairly quick and sat indoors close to the
Mechanical Bull (more on that later ;) ) Ordered a round of Cosmo(good, but not sweet enough). There were 3 of us and nobody was opposed to getting full, so we started with the infamous Saddle Ranch Monster Platter. OH MY GOD! Monster is the correct word! This thing had the wings, chicken strips, rings, mushrooms and even mini CHEESEBURGERS! For 3 people, we really we're in for it. Needless to say, we controlled ourselves and polished of about 75% of it.

Still hungry, it was time to decide on Dinner. I was in the mood for steak (obviously) and when in Rome....right? Not starving, but a little curbed I ordered the Angus Beef New York, medium well
(bloody meat freaks me out, but I'm learning. I SWEAR!). My girls decided to split a T-Bone (Angus Beef as well). For sides I got the Garlic Mashed and my girls got the fries (as if the Monster Platter wasn't enough fried stuff!)

Without knowing, the server (BTW, quite a cute guy!) brought out some biscuits and cornbread. I tried them, but was trying to control myself cuz I knew a ANGUS was on the way. After about 15 - 20 minutes, the dinner came out sizzlin' hot. But not as hot as that cutie! Damn I wish I had 5 minutes in the back with you Papi!

Let me just say this. OH MY GOD, was this steak good. One of the best I've ever had, and my Uncle cooks steak all the time for the Family BBQ's and he's A STEAK MASTER!. This thing was so good, I didnt even Touch the A1. My Girl's tbone was just as good,
and the fries where cripsy as hell (had to steal a couple fries for luck!)

I finished about half my steak and the girls did quite a number on the tbone. Needless to say, no dessert was required as we were about to get out drink on, hard. Good thing I took the rest of my
steak home in a doggie bag , that was the bomb eats for late night!

The bill was something like 90$ with a round of drinks, so not that bad, especially when you think about the complimentary kamikazee shots we had courtesy of out hottie waiter. Plus, your already at the hot spot with a table secured! We had a great meal and great time. Plus, one of my girls, Karla the CRAZY one, rode
the bull. It was a site to see, but she was a hit, even our cute waiter stopped to watch her! I gotta say if you want to spend some money and actually be FULL . . . look no further than the Saddle Ranch! My left over steak was more than the full plate of pork we got at Normans : <

Not as fancy pants as Lucques but definitely a place a CHOWHOUND place to get your serious grub on! Can't wait to try the other on in Universal and I can get my Raiders gear shopping done!



Die & Burger

I recently experienced Pie N Burger based on some favorable posts on this board. I have to say my expectations were high but i was thoroughly disappointed.

First of all they didn't take reservations which is really annoying considering the fact that it is so popular and I was coming in from Fountain Valley. When I got there with my date our jaws hit the floor - IT WAS A DINER! Now when I think of "best burger in LA" I'm thinking of something a little bit nicer than
Denny's. But I was there for the burger.

The ladies who took my order was straight out of Alice, a little sassy, which I like but a little spacey, which I don't. At one point she asked if we wanted small glasses or big glasses for our wine that we had brought in. Hello? Big glasses? Small glasses? How about some wine glasses. Ridiculous.

Now on to the burger. The bun and patty were good, but three inches thick of lettuce could ruin almost anything. And I don't think you call a burger the "best in town" and not have it cooked to order. The waitress said it was only done one way but that's just too fast foody to me.

All in all it was a relatively inexpensive experience but this kind of fare warrants Fatburger/In N Out prices but, alas, it does not. I'm sure I will here some strong arguments on this board in regards to this review but anything with 1,000 island drenched on it is trying hide something - that the burger can't stand on its own. It was fine food for my three year old niece but not a grown ups appetite.

Lucques Out!

So after all the hype on this website and yelp I finally made it to Lucques last night. We had a reservation at 8pm and were told to wait while our table was set up. Before we could order a drink at the bar we were told our table was ready and were seated in the cute patio setting. I was worried about being cold, since I was
wearing my Isaac Mizrahi tube top ( we were going dancing afterwards at Club Ivar) but the heating lamps made it very cozy. Since we knew it was going to be a long night we decided to just have soft drinks. I had a diet coke and they must've refilled it a dozen times! I haven’t been hooked up that good since High School
when my home girls all worked at The Grinder! My man said, “chica, whatever you want . . . get two!” I thought I was going to wet the chair I was so excited.

Everything looked good but if I wanted to keep my new tube top from popping a button, so I had to chill, just a little at least ;). I had the fall fruit salad to start with Jambon and a pomegranate salsa. This was definitely the bomb, the salsa was wild, not to spicy and the fruit and smoked ham combination was really different but really, really yummy.

My man had the soup since it was a little cold and he loved it. I swear that man could eat pozole for dessert! so the chickpea soup was most def the right choice. He can be hard to please, and he DEFINITELY isn’t as open to eating new foods as I am so the fact that he liked this was a HUGE relief.

For the main meal I ordered the suckling pig GAWD IM SUCH A SUCKER FOR PORK). This was as seriously good. I texted my cousin right then and there about how soft the pork was. and the green chimichurri was off the chain. I remembered that I saw a sign saying no cell phones, so I didnt text her back,but I got kind of a bad vibe so I turned my sidekick off.

What my man got totally surpised me. This man eats meat all day long and he orders the grouper! I guess when he was little his abuelo used to take him fishing and he hadnt had fish in like 10 years. He loved it, totally took him back to his childhood. It made me want to vomit - I guess I just dont like fish, and this was really fishy tasting. I did like the clams it came with(I drink at least one and a half clamatos a day!) but in the end, pork always wins when compared to slimy old fish(DOUBLE UGH). We skipped dessert because it was getting late and we had to get our swerve on at Ivar.

Total plus tip was $120, and without alcohol. I have to say I really had a good time at Lucques but it aint cheap. I guess Ill have to wait till my christmas bonus to eat there gain!(SIGH)or at least till my man craves slimy grouper again <;-}


Welcome All who Love Food and Live in Los Angeles, CA!!!

Well, what can I say. I love food so much my Papa nickenamed me Cheesecake when I was a baby! Thats how much I love food.

I started this Blog so I could post my reviews of all the various restaurants I go to. Trust me, I love to eat almost as much as I love to talk about it.

So....stay tuned! I'm gonna try to update everyday, and maybe even take pictures of the restaurants and foods!


Hey troops,

Had to do this report to explain to my landlord why Im
going to be short on rent this month. I was robbed
blind by Wolfgang Puck.

Or whoever is cooking over there.

But I also have a bone to pick with whoever invented
the "tasting menu". What is the point of a nine course
tasting if, at the end of the meal, you find yourself
starved and staring at a giant ass bill?

It was a Friday night that made me decide to go to the
fancy pants Spago. I was just about to log off from
the security desk at my work when these two old ladies
come down the elevator talking about how they just had
teh best meals of their lives at Spago. Now nomally I
would never trust two old gringo ladies about food,
but these two were no ballerinas. They were probably
pushing 180 at at 5'2" - thats no joke. So asked them
if it was worth it on $300 week salary. One of the
ladies says "oh dear, after what your people have been
through, you treat yourself!" I have no idea how she
knew that both my brothers had gone through the county
the weekend before but I figured why not?

So Saturday night rolls around and guess what? None of
my dresses fit!
I guess its been awhile and all those tito's taco
trips are cathcing up to my waist line I guess. So I
opt for jeans and a cute black top I picked up at
Strawberrys and headed out the door.

1st problem of the night was the valet that double
started my car. I got a little heated and swung my
purse and was then told I couldnt park in their valet
lot so I had to find street parking. Annoying.

I walked in and was seated not totally in the kitchen
but close enough to feel the dishwashers curse about
the cheap soap Wolfgang buys. That was actually kind
of the highlight of the night.

Now onto the meal. I asked the waiter if the tasting
menu was tthe way to go and he said yes. Now Im a big
girl and a big eater. I didnt tell the cute little
Matt Damon that but I figured he wouldve guessed. I
guessed wrong, he mustve been dating anorexics his
whole life.

1st course was literally a speck on a plate. Foie gras
mousse and a grilled fig. Except the fig was really
just a slice of a fig. The mousse was the size of my
pink. When I had my home girl's baby shower, my cousin
and alone mustve gone through a half pound of pate.
Spago's was just a joke.

2nd course was my favorite; a pot de creme they called
it. It was small as hell but the best oyster I have
ever had. Then I found out it wasnt oyster it was "sea
urchin" or a sea snail(what Matt Damon waiter called
it). That was such a disgusting revelation I thought I
was going barf all over that 5'10" of prime manhood
but I sucked it up if I left now I would be out like
$50 just for the two courses so I stayed.

3rd course was a sea scallop in a star anise/red curry
reduction. This dish was good but the red curry was
too overpering and the there was only one friggin
scallop. One. Who ever eats ONE scallop?

4th course was an open faced ravioli with some crab
meat inside. The pasta was really two ribbons draped
over a dime bag of crab meat. It was like the bottom
of a ceviche glass. With an egg noodle. And there was
no marinara sauce. How anyone can eat pasta with
anything expect a tomato based sauce is beyond me.

5th course was a seared breast of squab and the leg in
a confit. The leg was good, rich and moist like my
Abuelo's pollo con arroz but the breast was inedible.
Squab is like chicken and this was cooked rare like a
steak. BARFORAMA. Also, this like all the other
courses gets like a teaspoon of sauce which to me is
so stupid. Sauce is what gives food flavor and there
should always be plenty of it.

The 6th course was wagyu beef which is Japanese beef.
This stuff was so rare that I had to send it back. It
came back still very rare but at least it wasnt cold
in the middle. This dish looked like it was the "main
course" because of its size but it turns out the beef
was on a bed of muchrooms, shitakes and chanterelles.
There was almost no sauce on this course so I asked
for a steak sauce and was told that they dont serve
any. How a restaurant does not have A1 is frankly,
impossible. I worked at a Marie Callenders for years
and know that people love A1.

The 7th course was sampling of cheeses. I know most of
you will cringe but I really don't care for stinky
cheeses. I like cheddar and thats about it. When cutey
Matt Damon picked up my plate it was almost entirely

The 8th course was an apple strudel. It was tasty but
small as hell. Yet again Spago continued to tease my
appetite. And after two courses of raw meat and
cheese, I was dying for some satisfaction.

The 9th course was a vanilla bean ice cream that was
good but wouldve been better if it was served on top
of the strudel.

I wish I could get a few minutes alone with Wolfgang
for notes AND that hunky waiter ;-)! Some of the food
was good, some just plain bad but it was all too small
for me. And $200+ later I just wasnt satisfied. I did
the wine pairings but they were more like gargles. Ive
gotten more drunk at the Dentists office! I guess
Spagos is not for me but then who is it for? Just
another LA gringo rip off. And in case you were
wondering I went to Jack for a bacon ultimate - now
THAT was worth the money.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Norman Van Akin’s namesake offers a special on Friday nights featuring roasted pig. It is a real deal at $20 considering many of the entrees can double that amount. So last Friday we decided to try it out and I brought the feed bag with me. My boyfriend was away visiting his cousin in Pelican Bay, so I brought the girls with me. First of all, is everyone in West Hollywood a twig or what? I know Downey is a different scene, but come on, even the guys were like a 100 pounds. Second, to me, dining in West Hollywood means you are dressed to go out to the clubs. But Norman’s felt like my sister’s quincenera. Boring! Anyways fast forward to the meal. The service was really stuffy and I think its because we did most of our drinking before the meal and not during. Im sorry but I dont think you should have to pay for beer that costs $8 a glass when you can drink tall cans for a buck a pop. We got the entrees (none of the appetizers looked that appealing) and we were shocked. There were like four slices of pork on the plate! I came to get my grub on ended up getting put on a diet. My best girl suggested that maybe we can get more servings since they were so small. So after we ate, which took like six seconds we asked the waiter for more. They brought out more plates of pork and it was still 4 lame slices of pork! I then asked the waiter why they only give such a small amount and they said thats what they feel was an appropriate portion. I was fuming. We promptly asked for the bill and it was the biggest shock of the night - they charged us double for the entrees! We asked for the manager who said “if you ordered it and ate it then you pay for it” Well two of the girls in my party got up and left right then and there. The manager threatened to call the police if we didnt pay the bill which I chalked to his prejudice and I offered to pay the bill but I wanted to get a couple plates of pork to go since I still was hungry. At first he refused and just wanted us to pay the bill and leave(we were getting a lot of stares in the restaurant) then he put in the order to the kitchen and thankfully didnt charge us, again. Later that night we got home, ready to finish off the pork only to find they gave us scrap end pieces and dinner rolls. I really wanted to like this restaurant but the service really killed it. We ended up finishing the night at Rick’s drive in - at least i know the Spuderito wont fail me!